MORGANA Pendant Light

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This his is a one-off piece

Hand Blown glass produced in Italy

60 Cm length x 40 cm Diameter


Color: Amber

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Morgana and Merlino are part of a duo of one-off Pendant lights inspired by the hats of those famous wizards.
This Morgana lamp is in immaculate condition, is been refurbished with new cabling and a beautiful ceramic bulb that accompany the shade design.
The important dimension of the lamp makes it perfect to be suspended on the top of your dining table.
Morgana is been hand-made by master glassblowers in Veneto, Italy, without the use of machinery or moulds.

The lamp comes with a copper silky cable and a copper 12cm diameter ceiling rose.

Ceramic bulb, 2700k, LED 6W, Dimmable, Value £75,  INCLUDED.

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