ANDROMEDA Ceiling Lamp


ANDROMEDA is a luminous suspension sculpture created by the fusion of the ancient “cocciopesto” technique with a minimal design. Just like in the galaxy, from which it takes its name, the material part of its lampshade seems to detach itself from its focal centre, represented by the light source, to expand into space.

Each ANDROMEDA is made to order. Pigmentation or size is entirely on customer choice.

In the pictures an ANDROMEDA on customer pigmentation choice.




Available on back-order

Diameter 80 cm.

Suspension system with adjustable length steel cabling.

Bulb included

Customisable: sizes-colours-cabling


Rubertelli Design and Ars Vivendi Group

COCCIOPESTO is a material already known by the ancient Romans and now revisited with new technologies, new elements and sophisticated pigments. Ars Vivendi Group has specialized in the processing of polychrome terracotta and research on inlay techniques, a patent of the company to create products resistant to the use of time. since 1987. This material is today as before, manually kneaded and shaped by the expert artisans of Ars Vivendi Group who are currently the only one in the world to use this ancient technique.

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