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Press - El Puerto Ibiza

Stefano Rubertelli is an artist, sculptor, and designer who attended the Isla Blanca for 20 years. London, where the artist lives, is a city that offers highly inspirational ideas but at the same time can also affect and pollute the artistic individuality. The air of freedom that reigns in Ibiza, and surround all the senses, become the ideal environment that allow him to strip off from this depersonalization and return to a more direct relationship with himself as an individual artist. Ibiza allows the designer to decant and peel off to its most simple essence the stimuli his city and the modern world offers.  From here a unique and personalized reinterpretation allow him to elaborate new ideas and create his works. Stefano Rubertelli focuses on handmade pieces that are based on sustainable materials. He combines simple style and personality 'to create unique pieces that adorn our homes and affect our senses.

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