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Lighting - Iride



IRIDE was initially intended as an art wall sculpture and it was originally made from cotton twine; a raw element that, when remodelled by hand, can transforms into a highly decorative and elegant object. Then the applied technology has made it a perfect fusion of art and design, resulting in a ‘piece of lighting’ that is outstanding in its genre.


The countless strings stretched around its perfectly circular structure are irradiated by high power LEDs, creating in this way a fascinating interplay of light and shadow that enchant and capture the observer with its 'mystique'.

An emotionally charged ambience is created in which ever environment it is placed.


IRIDE is produced entirely by hand and made to order by the designer himself.

This artisan approach makes each lamp a unique piece. For this reason every piece is numbered and each lamp is delivered with a certificate of authenticity.


IRDE is available made in  cotton twine, rayon or tinted paper strings.


A ring of ultra bright warm white LED, or selectable RGB colours is powering the lamp. The remote controller allows the selection of the light colours, regulate the its intensity and access to different functions like fading colour changing.

Dimensions from 40cm. to 160cm. diameter.


Customised diameters on request.



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